Thursday, 1 December 2016

Pinch Punch First Of The Month

Well Hello December!

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Yes its the very last month of the year and I for one intend to enjoy it even if I am not feeling 100%.

I turn into a crazy Christmas person.
The fact that I am unable to lift things is driving me mental as I can't get the tree down from the loft.  Thank the Lord I got a few bits and pieces down when I had my last meeting for work.  At least I can decorate a few areas if nothing else.

The wintery bedding is on the bed and even the bedroom has a mini tree in much to the annoyance of hubby. 

And of course being the first of the month means I have been able to open the first gift on my Marks and Spencers advent calendar.

It got used straight away by both Ashleigh and I.
What a great gift for this cold weather.

Love and lipstick
x x

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