Thursday, 8 December 2016

Give A Little Love.....

Do you have a big clean out before Christmas?
I do, to make space for the family as well as gifts!
And seeing as I am at home I've been doing just that.
Yet again I find myself asking where did all this junk "stuff" come from.
And no room is immune to the tidying.
I have piles for the bin, pile for the charity shop and pile to eBay.
Who knew I possessed quite so many cook books!

And that isn't even all of them!
As I am a big believer that you should always pay it forward where you can I am doing a few things that does just that. 
And over the next few days I shall share with you exactly what I have been doing.

With that in mind have any of you being taking part in this?

Credit to:  Make Today Happy

Posted by the lovely Helen over at Make Today Happy,. Everyday it prompts you to do a act of kindness.  
Now everyone should be kind all of the time I know, however I just thought it was a nice way to remind you to be over whats a very busy period.

So whilst I may be jumping in a little late, I am following it from today.
As I am already signed up to be an organ donor, I have completed some internet shopping for a friend who is unable to and been smiling at strangers. And whilst the only strangers I may have seen are the postman and a couple of delivery drivers they have indeed had a beaming smile to greet them.
(probably think I'm a right nutter! lol)
And three lovely people have received messages from me too.

Love and lipstick
X x


  1. Oh wow, these cook books look great. I love reading cook books!! I always find lots of yummy cakes I want to make, never one for trying the salad recipes though!! lol Thanks for linking up to the weekend blog hop..


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