Tuesday, 13 December 2016

In Good Voice...

Today has been filled with Carols, Christmas jumpers and doctors appointments.

As I am still feeling a little under the weather around my scar it was time for another doctors appointment.  The out come of which was a big no no for any driving, lifting or carrying.

So to cheer me up a little my youngest took me to a carol service and made me giggle with her Christmas jumper.

And then I was greeted with jolly butter Santa from my hubby.

Well its the little things that make you smile, or so they say.

Love and lipstick
X x 


  1. The jumpers are really fun! I like them muchly! Sorry you've been feeling rotten- how nice your husband surprise you with the butter Santa!!

    1. He always cheers me up with little surprises bless him. And thanks I am sure I will feel better soon. x x


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