Monday, 12 December 2016

Move Over 2Pac There's a New (W)Rapper In Town....

Receiving a beautifully wrapped Christmas present is guaranteed to set the heart a flutter.
And with so much choice of paper no-one has any excuse for shoddily wrapped gifts in my humble opinion.
Even the cheapest of paper can look fabulous with a little thought on how to wrap it.

And today I have been doing just that, not creating shoddily wrapping Christmas gifts but pretty ones I hope.

My paper this year is a mixture of Wilko Gold star wrap and plain brown parcel wrap.
And as an added personal touch each tag is a photo of that person.

 And the children have colour it yourselves brown paper.

So the Michael Buble Christmas has been blaring, the Christmas lights have been twinkling and a glass of bubbly consumed (I don't like mulled wine folks) whilst wrapping as many gifts as possible.

Happy Wrapping Folks!
Love and lipstick
X x

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