Monday, 17 January 2011


Last few days, life got a little busy! Still is to be fair and I'm wondering how I am going to fit everything in.

So what happened last week? Well hubby had a week off and went to the lakes with the in-laws and nephew. They had a great time and we (that's Ash and I) were slightly envious. Look at the views!

How beautyful is that? Have to say that the lakes are one of my favourite places, peaceful and beautiful.

Mind you, they did walk in  quite a lot of snow too!

And he seems far too happy about it!

Whilst they were away Ashleigh and I went to see little fockers. It was very funny. We also enjoyed having just mother and daughter time. The time went very quickly.

Work has got busy, what with my report being due on Friday. I have sent off a draught to see if I'm on the right track and am eagerly awaiting feed back. To top it all I also have my end of year review this week to prep for and a full diary of training sessions to deliver. Busy,busy!!!

Wish me luck! Enjoy your week what ever it may bring x


  1. Good luck! Thanks for visiting me, I'm following you. xxx

  2. Thanks vix. Been a manic week but hop to be blogging more this week. Love your blog by the way. X x


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