Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Forgotten memories

I hate to admit it but my birthday is just around the corner and it's not just any birthday. Oh no. This one is a special one, a mile stone the big 40!!! Oh my! I shouldn't mind really, I don't feel and I don't think I look it.( if you disagree please don't burst my bubble and tell me) At the end of the day it's only a number isn't it?

What it has done however has made me look at the time gone by. Its amazing how many memories you have put away so safe that you've forgotten them.

The ridiculous hair styles as a teenager. What was I thinking?!

Which really got no better!

About the people who are no longer with us.
My lovely dad who I miss so much and who would have been so proud of the young lady my eldest has turned into as well as my youngest who, whilst he never met her has the kindest and biggest heart ever.

How my two girls have grown.

The adventures along the way.

Birthdays past.

How proud I am of my family.

And of the adventures to come.

So as for my 40th? Well whilst it may not be as grande a celebration as we did for hubbys, (Hong Kong) we are off to Venice. My choice, just hubby and I. The flight is booked as is the hotel so now the fun planning can begin and don't worry I shall keep you posted every step of the way. 1st February bring it on!

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