Saturday, 7 July 2012

A Weekend Of Calm... (I Hope!)

After a manic week, seeing me get up at 4am three time might I add.
(No one should willing have to do that)

I am looking forward to a weekend of calm.

Well I say calm, what I actually mean is catching up with work, doing housework and packing like a crazy thing, posting eBay parcels and helping my sister in law move.  So not quite the calm most people might have in mind.

And to do said calm this is my attire for the day;
Tshirt - Next (years old)
Jeans - ASOS

Chilled and relaxed.

Just what I need.

And whilst I do like my tshirt it can be a pain as to what bee to wear with it;

If you see what I mean?!

I must apologise for not visiting your lovely blogs but with all the hours I have been putting in I could hard;y keep my eyes open to drive let alone look a t computer screen.

I hope to visit you all before I go to London on Monday for work.

Then I will be awol for a few weeks as we go to France for our holidays.

I will schedule a few adhoc posts whilst I am away and will look forward to catching up with all your antics when I return.

Anyhoo, back to the list of jobs.

Catch  you later!

X x


  1. Hi my dear friend, No problem that you visit or write comment on blogs. You work hard and find free time very hard.. No problem..:))
    Your t-shist with your jean is adorable I like them so much. But I must say that your earrings are amazing.. I like them.. Where did you buy the earrings.. I always buy from ebay. Have you got a store on ebay.:))
    All best wishes and best weekend...:))


  2. have a great weekend, sounds like a busy one to me, haha x


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