Tuesday, 30 October 2012

AWOL Again!

I didn't mean to go awol again honest!

Its just that Ash hasn't been at all well and we even had to go back to hospital, which was far from nice for her.

But thankfully all is back to normal now. (well as normal as we are!)

Ash is resting and enjoying being pampered, whilst Andy and I try to get back to our normal work routine. 

Which has been hard due to the dark mornings and chilly weather.

Today has called for layers.
Top - New look (thrifted)
Dress - George years old

However today the sun is shining, even if it is freezing and tonight I hope to catch up with friends for a well needed giggle or two.

X x


  1. That dress looks fabulous on you! Very flattering!! :)

  2. Poor Ash, wishing her well.

    You look ace! xo

  3. I definately agree on the layers! Too cold these mornings! Grat outfit! oxox

  4. hope Ash is on the mend now. I really like your monochrome outfit x

  5. Hope Ash is all better now! Loving your hair worn up like that! x

  6. Love your layered outfit. Hope Ash is better! Well wishes her way!

    <3 Denise



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