Monday, 1 October 2012

The Good, The Bad And The Ugly...

I don't know if it was just me but last week flew by.

I can't believe its Monday already.

Here are the high and low lights of last week;

The Good
Baby Max coming out of hospital

Well he can't be that beautiful and not make another appearance can he?!

A fab night out

A good night with good company.
(Any excuse to dress up!)
The Bad
The Weather

Well it couldn't not feature to be honest.

The Ugly
A painful back

I truly feel for anyone who suffers continually with back pain because this week has been awful.

Hope your week was a good one and this one is too.

X x


  1. Trayci you look gorgeous in that fabulous dress, wooo! x

  2. Agree you look gorgeous and really tanned!

  3. What Sophie said! Swit swoo!! And how cute is Max please? Love the Superman romper suit.

    ps - I've emailed you about the Good Read thing :)

  4. You look gorgeous in that dress, back pain and all! x

  5. Aww baby Max is soo cute!! And you look great in your dress! It has been raining a lot around here too... Instead of the back pain when it rains, I feel it in my hips and ankles. Not a good time. lol

  6. Lovely pics of you and baby Max. :) Sorry to be a pain, but have you had any chance to check out that murder mystery for me??


    ~ Lauren <3

  7. Baby Max is soo cute, definitely makes the week good!xx

  8. Hi my dear-what a hot dress, you look fabulous! xx

  9. wow that dress again you look amazing in it x


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