Saturday, 20 October 2012

The Things That Make You Giggle...

Before you read this post let me say a huge thank you for all your kind words for Ashleigh and the family.

She has had numerous hugs (gentle ones), all sent from you and I can't thank you enough.

So I'm sending you all huge hugs back.
(Big bear hug ones to say thank you.)

On to the actual post!

Such a simple thing as trying on hubbies motorbike helmet;

Made us all giggle like silly things.

Ash, completely fogged up!

You know what they say?

Thats better!

Simple things, please simple minds.

And now my Top Gun Pose!

But at least these simple minds are very happy!

And to see a beaming smile on Ashleigh's face after the week she's had was worth its weight in gold.

X x


  1. hurrah, I love messing around having a giggle x

  2. You need a giggle after your week! I love it when the family are all here and silly things make us laugh, no better way to spend our time as Mums xx

  3. Glad you have had a giggle this week. Just to let you know you have cost me £85 this week, as after seeing your heated airer I just had to buy one! Its great though, now I only have that one and can get rid of the four old airers I was using as things took so long to dry. Hope you all have a good weekend x

    1. Oops! Sorry hun. They are good thought aren't they? I have been really pleased with mine. Hope you are too

      X x

  4. Nothing better than a bit of laughter therapy! Hope you're all recovered from last weeks' traumatic events. x

  5. I'm tempted to spend out £85 too!
    These silly moments money just can't buy. Love these pics x


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