Friday, 9 November 2012

Nearly Home Time....

Yesterday comprised of a very long drive and a hotel stay.

Normally if I am in a hotel on my own I will eat in my room as you can get a few rather creapy fellas trying to chat you up.

However I was starving and braved being the sado loner and headed for the restaurant instead.

Tea consisted of:

Calamari which was yummy.

Lamb in red current gravy.

And crunchy caramel apple crumble with custard.

Not good for the figure at all but a nice treat.

As for this morning,

well a hearty breakfast to last the day.

I won't have chance to eat again until I finally arrive home late this evening.

TFIF eh!?

So what are your plans for the weekend?

Mine will be chilling, housework and the delivery of a new fridge.
Oh the rock and roll lifestyle I lead!

X x


  1. A new fridge is a necessity, though. I quite like staying in hotel rooms, maybe it's the fact that I don't feel so bad about just relaxing, as there aren't any of my things there which make me thinK 'I should be doing xyz instead of relaxing".

  2. All the food looks lush, bet your glad you went to the Restaurant!

  3. The food looks great, much better to brave the restaurant than sit alone with room service even if you have to brush off a few pervs! x

  4. I love hotels, even the most rubbish. Can't beat a good hearty brekkie x

  5. You cannot beat hotel breakfasts.

    Enjoy being at home again.



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