Saturday, 10 November 2012

Some Thing Old, Some Thing New.....

No I don't have a wedding to go to.

It just sums up my Saturday.

The removal of my old fridge.

I even got rid of the piece of history which was Ashleigh's art work!
(I do have plenty stashed away from over the years)

Feeling rather old and tired, 
Not that I am but I am extremely shattered.
But more on that another day.

As for new, 

Well my new fridge of course!

And a hair dye.

Whilst its not a new shade its made me feel brighter so thats done the trick.

As for tonight well I'm off out, not that feel like it and I intend to not surface tomorrow morning until I feel fully rested.
(You never know I might sleep in longer than the teenager!)

Hope you have had a good Saturday.

X x


  1. Have fun tonight and enjoy your weekend x

  2. have a great time out, we're off to a friends, and staying over. I fully intend to lie in tomorrow too :)

  3. Hope the night out went well and that you're still tucked up in bed! x


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