Friday, 23 November 2012

The Good, The Bad And The Ugly.

A quick round up of last  week.

The Good
The weekend!

I am looking forward to chilling with the family as I am shattered after this week.

A week off!

It seems like forever since I had any time off and I am sooooo looking forward to it.
Even if we do have painting and a wasps nest to tackle.

The Bad
Crazy working hours

In order to have said week off I have had to work like a crazy person to hit deadlines.

The Ugly
Mom announcing she will be away for Christmas

Totally selfish I know and I would never in a million years tell her how much I hate the idea of her not being around.  She is off to Italy to  spend Christmas with my brother and his family who are currently living there for his work.  I know she will have an amazing time and we will celebrate Christmas with her before she goes.

X x


  1. hurrah for the weekend!
    How sad that your Mum wont be sharing Christmas with you this year :( x

  2. Where have you been? Seems like ages since I've seen a post from you in my google reader? Mum will have a fab time and who could possibly turn that opportunity down as your Brother won't be there forever I guess and you can have her back next year. Same here my mum is going to my brothers as my sis in law has old folk round so good company for mum but my kids will miss her but be nice for the other grand children x

  3. have a wonderful week off, you work hard enough for it. It's a shame about our mum but there will be other years you can share xmas with her xxx

  4. Lovely for your mum though to spend it in Italy with your brother? x


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