Sunday, 30 June 2013

Just a Chill-in.......

Saturdays are a peaceful day in my home.

That is if everyone else is out!

The newest addition to the family.
A fathers day gift from the eldest.
Andy hates gnomes.

And yesterday was fab,

I tatted around the house, when I should have been doing all the housework, ironing etc.

A yummy sandwich in the sunshine

But I did do the washing and hoovering.
(Not much else mind)

Excuse the washing.
And the ultra red hair!
My fabulous camper van Tshirt
Relaxing and taking the weight off my feet.

And I enjoyed a calm lunch in the garden sat on the decking reading my caravan magazine.
(I really am getting old!)

Tshirt - Vanfest last year
Jeans - ASOS
Pumps - Next (years old)

X x


Please be kind, remember we are all friends here.
I love getting your messages, they brighten up my day and will answer any questions as quickly as I possibly can.

Love and lipstick.
X x