Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Of To The Farm....

The funny farm that is!

Now twice a year one of my dear friends attends a catalogue launch for Ann Summers.

And the past few I have been roped into attending.

Now whatever you may think of the business, the launches they hold are actually very good and some of the new underwear  ranges are beautiful, be they a little expensive.

And each year it has a theme, this one was Booty Camp, hence this attire:

Whilst I felt incredibly silly (evidence that legging are never ever good attire for exiting the house in!) I did have a great time with a lovely bunch of ladies who were very welcoming.

But I must admit I was sooo glad to get changed out of this get up!

X x


  1. I love this outfit actually!

  2. Thanks for your comment on my blog, I hope your well x

  3. You are a very brave woman - love the trousers.

  4. It's allowed when it's fancy dress! At least it wasn't a red nylon baby doll! x


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