Sunday, 7 July 2013

Weekend Wonders...

Thank the lord it's the weekend.
And what a weekend we are having!
Such stunning weather.

Now I won't dare share with you my attire for yesterday, as the shorts, bikini top, scraped back hair and no make up might make you feel slightly ill..

This weekend couldn't come soon enough
Especially after Fridays appointment
I have been poked and prodded.
Had a camera shining up my bits (I kid you not) and had parts of me taken away.
(my toes curled like they do in the dentist chair when it feels really unpleasant...To much inforamtion may be?)
I will have the results of my biopsies in two weeks and I am sure they will be fine.

Turns out I also have fibroids.
Even they have to be special ones.
(well my mommy always told me I was special)
Just one dose of my medication, of which some are four times a day!

So I now have decide if I want to keep taking concoction of drugs or have a procedure.
Decisions, decisions eh.

So as I felt a little sensitive yesterday I  just potted about in the garden
I was up with the larks though and enjoyed my breakfast sat on the decking, it was blissful.

Home made bread and home made jam, yummy!
And a cup of tea made by my very own action man, he knew it would make me smile bless him.

Well it doesn't hurt anyone being sat round in your dressing gown at 7am does it?
The only other thing I did Saturday was make loads of Jam.

And thats just one days picking!
We have had this amount every other day, it's been yummy!

Our strawberries are doing amazing so rather than let them spoil jam has been constantly on the go.
Our house smells divine.

As for today we are off to Camperjam.
x x


  1. Lovely to see you yesterday. Sorry to hear you've got health worries, I'd go with a procedure over pills all the way but I know it's a daunting thought. xxx

  2. Thinking of you. Look after yourself!

    You have so many strawberries! Very jealous


  3. I hope your ok I hate taking pills. Xx


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