Thursday, 14 November 2013

Hold The Press........ Shoe Alert!

Me and shoes eh?

The simple pleasures make me happy.

As I can't buy new pairs (frugality at its best, especially after the week we have had!) I try hard to look after the ones I have.
So this week saw me take five pairs in for repair.
(unfortunately one pair has gone to the cobblers in the sky as they were past repairing)

Flat - Debenhams - Strap had broken
Black and white heels - New Look - Heels re-tipped
Black heels - Next - Heels re-tipped
Brown shoes - River Island - Heels re-tipped

So I now have four pairs I can wear again,
And at a cost of only £12, in my book thats a bargain.

And remember these?

Well Debenhams change them for me and refunded the £4 they over charged me too.

However they really didn't seem to bothered that the shoes had been over laid with a higher price breaking the law.
(You can't say you weren't warned naughty people)

Now what can I wear all these lovely shoes with????

X x

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Thank You Febreze!..... And Super Savy Me...


  1. Replies
    1. He is very good to honest, plus it helps his prices are low.

      X x

  2. Thank you! You've reminded me to take a couple of pairs down to mine this morning. I love getting my shoes fixed, they feel like new ones! x

    1. Me too. Especially when I am on a shoe ban!

      I might use the same one as you, he's in Walsall.

      X x

  3. You must have a good cobbler, that sounds very cheap to me! Love the new wider layout of the blog hun x

    1. He is very good and very reasonable too. And it held he is right by hubbys work place (Means he often pays rather than me! lol)

      Thanks hun. I kept tatting with it for what seems like ages..

      X x

  4. girls and shoes :-D
    I have many, many ,many shoes, but I buy in sale ;-)
    greetings from germany


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