Thursday, 21 November 2013

Feeling Human?...... I Think I Just Might Be...

I wanted to open this blog post with "Drugs, don't you love em" But suddenly had a panic about how people may perceive it.

I of course mean painkillers prescribed by the doctor and nothing else.

Beautiful flowers from hubby.
My favourites.

After the medication from the hospital has worn off I have been in a wee bit of pain (ok a lot but I am a wuss!) and today feel a little more human.

The thought of driving the car however fills me with dread, as just finding a comfortable sitting position is a challenge.

Good grief I look like my mother!

No make up and messy hair, you see it as it is here I'm afraid.

Not too sure work will be too please if I am not back next week, but at the moment it is looking very unlikely.

Bright tights attempting to cover the awful but necessary pre op stockings.

I am still wearing my sexy pre-op stockings and even my eldest turned up with her white socks over her legging. It did make me smile, bless her.

I am itching to do stuff and am trying to find light things to keep me occupied.

X x


  1. Good to see you up and about. Take it easy, there's no rushing getting better! x

    1. I am hun. Too many around to tell me off if I'm not lol

      X x

  2. Your flowers are so beautiful, hope they are cheering you up a bit! Hope you soon start to feel much better. Relax and enjoy being pampered :-) xx

  3. Lovely roses. hope you feel better soon xx

  4. Hope you start to feel better soon my love x

  5. Good to see you up and about, make sure you take the time you need to get better. Work can wait, your health is far more important. That said, I hppe you're feeling better soon x


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