Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Unique, Just Like You.....

As a special gift for my youngest for her 18th birthday this week I have made her a memory quilt out of all of the old T-shirts, shirts etc that I have from her childhood.

Many of them hold special memories, be it holidays, school days or just a certain time in her life.

The last time I did needle work was back at school making an apron for cooking I think.
So my eldest (who is very talented with a machine) has loaned me one of her sewing machines for me to have a go.

Now I know I could have very easily have paid for this to have been made, but the whole point of it is that its a special gift. One that even if its lopsided and wonky has been made with love.

A unique gift no one else has and one that should not only physically keep her warm but also make her warm from the memories too.

X x

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  1. Such a neat idea, with so much love thrown in x

  2. What a wonderful and unique idea! Wish I had done this! Happy Birthday to your girl! p.s. I cant find the email you sent me about the air freshner, fear I may have accidentally deleted it, sorry fablooking@aol.com


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