Tuesday, 29 November 2016

My Baby Is 21 Years Old!!

OMG Ashleigh is 21!

Where has the time gone...
It doesn't seem five minutes since she was running round in her telly tubby wellies and singing Barneys silly hat song. And here she is a beautiful young woman turning 21.

We celebrated with a lovely meal at Marco Piere Whites restaurant, which is obviously set up for Christmas. But Ash was very happy to rock a Christmas hat on her birthday.

We even had entertainment in the restaurant with a live band and an interesting altercation between a manager and a waiter who was obviously being sacked. Very entertaining indeed!

No birthday is complete without cake and Ashleighs only request was that is was chocolate and home made.  I have to admit it turned out rather well. Even if I had to cheat a little.

She was showered with gifts including a beautiful vintage Tiffany necklace picked out by her dad.  He has very good taste, after all he married me. lol 

So many memories of this lady growing up over the last 21 years which make burst with pride.
So looking forward to making many more.

Love you Ashleigh Mae
X x


  1. Aww lovely. Hope she had a great birthday :) I can not believe where the time goes, my oldest 2 are 20 and 22 ..

  2. That looks as though that was a most amazing way to celebrate!
    Belated birthday wishes to Ashleigh. Bet that cake tasted good, it looks really fun. Eat your heart out MPW!!

  3. The food was amazing. Overall it was a fab day x x


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