Friday, 9 December 2016

Christmas Bedding - Wilko Review

As the nights get colder I like my bed to be as snuggly and warm as possible.
And of course at Christmas I also want it to be as festive as possible.
So when Andy brought home some amazing winter bedding from Wilkos I was eager to get them on the bed.

First to adorn our bed is this beautiful set;

Red Check King Size Duvet Set  £14
Now as it is made of touch polycotton it feels soon soft on your skin.

I think I made far too many ooooh and ahrrrr noises for Andy's liking, but I can't tell you just how amazing this set feels.

Andy couldn't wait to get in!

Scandal Cushion - £6.00

As we already had a few of a similar design cushions I added these along with a very soft fleece blanket.

The other duvet set is this one;

Winter Scene Duvet King Size £12
I love this, as it's so cute with the two figures walking hand in hand.
This will be adorning our new bed once it arrives.

Do any of you guys change your covers to match the seasons?

Love and lipstick
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