Sunday, 4 December 2016

The Good, The Bad And The Ugly...

Lets round up the past week.

The Good

I couldn't have coped without my wonderful family over not only this week but the past few weeks.
And Hubby is my rock. Loves ya Mr Sperring.

The Bad
Wanting To Do everything

Don't get me wrong I'm not having a moan but I really can't wait to be able to pick up a shopping bag and not worry about it. And whilst I love my home, being in 24/7 is driving me a little stir crazy.
Yes I have been out in the fresh air for the a walk everyday, but I can't wait to be able to jump in the car and go anywhere at any time.

The Ugly
Scar Belly, Not Scar Face

I now have what can only be described as an upside down T on my belly from my two previous operations. And whilst it is very vain of me I know, it looks quite horrid. But thankful time will fade it and it could of course be so much worse.

Hope you've had a fab week.
Love and lipstick
X x


Please be kind, remember we are all friends here.
I love getting your messages, they brighten up my day and will answer any questions as quickly as I possibly can.

Love and lipstick.
X x