Thursday, 25 October 2012

A Working day In London.... Honest!

Yesterday my job included escorting team members around shops in London.
(well its a hard life and someone has to do it!)

M&M shop.

And to be honest it is actually tougher than it sounds.
(we even have to risk assess it. lol)

Love the Abbey road scene.

And last night on my Jack Jones as I need to do a London store visit today on route home.

Night cap and treat.

Then its back to (not so) little one and hubby.

Can't wait.

X x


  1. An M&M's shop? Goodness me. How strange!
    Hope your day goes quickly and you're home safely soon! x

  2. Glad to see you are making the most of your down time.

  3. A whole shop devoted to M&Ms... how divine!
    It sounds like a fun way to spend a few days, I got to go to B&Q for work yesterday but I doubt it was as much fun... (did spy a nice kitchen though and picked up a brochure to wave in front of OH, hehe).

  4. erm work? doesn't sound like it to me. good times! x

  5. ha ha love that Abbey Road scene. Looks like fun x


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