Tuesday, 16 October 2012

And Finally An Update!

So sorry to have been  awol but life has just been hectic!

So firstly I must update you on the long awaited news.


I think the picture says it much better than words can;

Notice the sparkly ring?

Yes we had a proposal in the family!

The happy couple.

Shaun propposed to Kassie on 6th October.

Can you tell they were very happy?

Many giggles were heard.

And much smiling done.

She was so so happy.

Shaun chose the ring himself.

And very lovely it was too.

Many tears, all of joy I might add were shed.

The look of shock on Kassie's face, bless.

He even came and asked for our permission to ask for her hand in marriage the Sunday prior.
(So lovely)

The two sets of families.

We shan't be having wedding for a few years as they are just in the process of buying a property.

My two beautiful girls.

And the family photo.

I still don't think she has come down from cloud 9 yet, bless her.

X x


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Love and lipstick.
X x