Thursday, 18 October 2012

Home Safe And Sound...

Thank you so much for all your concern.

Ashleigh is now home safe and sound after quite a traumatic day.

We arrived at the hospital early in the morning but didn't actually see her going to theatre until after 2pm.

She was very brave as I gave her kiss, told her I loved her and watched as she was wheeled off to theatre.

Even then she was making the nurses laugh as she said she felt like Aladdin on his magic carpet as she sat bolt upright crossed legged being wheeled away.

After what seemed like a lifetime (2 hour 45 mins) she was returned to the heart ward as she came around more.

It transpired that they had trouble getting the wire through the artery in her groin and as she had to be awake for the procedure they had to stop for a short time as she was in tears. Which means it must have been painful as she is a tough cookie is my Ashleigh. 

Finally they were able to get the wire in and got her heart almost to the level her palpitations get to, which is well over 280bpm.

The fault was found and they were able to burn and correct it.

She spent 2 hours flat on her back and 2 hours sat in bed before finally being allowed home at around 10.30 last night.

Even in hospital you can't keep a teenager off her phone! 

I must admit she looked awful when we came away, worse them she looked when she first came round.

But thankfully she is now looking much better.

Other than a very tight chest and a sore leg that is.

No school until Monday now, just lots of rest and mommy love 

X x


  1. So glad to her that she is home, safe and well. It must be so terribly hard to see someone you love going through something such as this. You say she's a tough cookie? I wonder were she gets that from? ;-)
    Enjoy your weekend together.

  2. SO glad it went as well as it did honey - love to you and yours from me and mine x x x

  3. So glad she is OK ,Only off until Monday! xx

  4. I'm so pleased she's okay. It's not a pleasant procedure at all, she's a brave lass. Give a cuddle from me. xxx

  5. What a worry for you!! Big Hugs and I hope she gets well really soon x

  6. poor Ashleigh, but glad it went fairly well. You must be relieved to have her home x

  7. Mazing that she can receover so quickly from such abig operation. Have a lovely weekend.

  8. Great news she is back safe and sound at home, what a relief. Hope you all have a relaxing weekend - love the photo of her on her mobile, thats just so typical, my dd is like that too!

  9. Oh I am so glad to hear this..she is really brave I think I would be terrified.

    Have a lovely weekend x

  10. So glad to hear that everything's well, what a brave girl. Many congratulations to Kassie and her other half too.

  11. So glad all went well, bless her xxx


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