Monday, 12 November 2012

Pause......Then Continue......

What a lovely chilled out day we had yesterday, doing nothing at all.

To be fair this shows exactly how chilled we all were.

Other than a little housework and the dreaded ironing nothing was done.

Even our roast was cooked by the inlaws.
(meaning I actually didn't get properly dressed until nearly 4pm! Slob I know)

x x


  1. nout wrong with a pj day. If you're so busy during the week it's only fair to have a lazy day when you can x

  2. Not getting dressed til 4pm sounds just lovely to me. Way to go you!!

    Arwedd xx

  3. Like the naff car sticker says, one life, live it! x

  4. Sounds like a perfect Sunday! This photo says it all :)

  5. I have a similar photo of my 17 year old fast asleep on the sofa.

  6. Sounds like an ideal day for me x


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