Thursday, 29 November 2012

Ruddy Men......


Now don't get my wrong, I love my hubby loads.

But today he has drove me dotty.

He is full of cold and has been a poorly man and not just man flu either.
But today saw us having a blazing row over his missing wallet, which he has left at work since last week.

He always looses his wallet, it drives me crazy!

So no day out as planned instead I gutted the youngest room, gutted my room and wardrobe, cooked tea early and tided the garden, both front and back.

Plus I'm still cross.

I think a nice glass of wine and an early night may, just may calm me down.

And a look at a few photos from Ashleigh's birthday.

One of the two candle blowing sessions

Nothing beats a happy smile!
(excuse the silly tosh on my eldests fellas face, blame Movember! lol)

X x


  1. I agree ruddy men, get on my nerves. If they are not moaning about you putting the heating on, they are moaning about being ill but have zero sympathy when we are! Glad the birthday went well xx

  2. MEN!!!! Couldn't agree more - can be infuriating! x

  3. They make the worst patients and that's saying something, I'm appalling! x


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