Monday, 26 November 2012

So Where Have You Been Hiding?

Was a question I was asked this week.

Well, I've not was the answer.

I've actually been working - like a crazy thing to achieve dead lines before I had a week of rest this week.

And boy am I ready for it!

Whilst I am feeling a little better (thank you for your concern) I am still absolutely shattered and in need of a few early nights.

Even dressing up smart has been a challenge (which is a sure sign I'm not well) and my hair is as lank as can be.

But today I am beginning my much needed week off.

Up early but still I will have a day of completing odd jobs and shopping for Ashleigh's birthday tomorrow.

17! Scary only seems a few minutes since she was born.

Hope you are all well and I promise to catch up with all your blogs soon.

X x


  1. Glad you are OK, don't forget to stand still and enjoy the peace this week x x

  2. Wow - sorry to hear you have been so busy. Have fun this week and take it easy.

  3. Glad you are feeling better honey, lets hope a few early nights sort you out! So hectic working full time and being a mum, you deserve a break. Hope the birthday girl has a fab day xxxx

  4. Take your time and have some good old rest and recuperation, blogging can wait, we're not going anywhere. xxx

  5. Enjoy your week of rest, don't do too much - I know what we women are like, we never sit still! And Happy Birthday to Ashleigh for tomorrow x

  6. savor your time off- its ok to step away from blogland- when you're rested and ready you will enjoy your community so much more. And happy bday to your sweet baby girl!


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