Sunday, 16 December 2012

And Now I Need A Haircut!!!

With all the festive nights out coming up I know many people spend a fortune on looking pretty.

I unfortunately am not one of these.
I can't see the point in spending all that money on a night that, well lets face it most people won't remember!
(A few too many mulled wines for many)

But the one thing I do need is a haircut.
It has been far too long since my last one and my split ends are awful.

So my one treat will be to get a good trim.

The question yet again is to fringe?

Or not to fringe?


Part of me wants it back, the other part says no.

So lovely blog friends, whats your thoughts?

X x


  1. Your hair looked lovely when I met you and to be honest both styles suit you. Fringes can be a bit high maintenance unless you've a nice hairdresser who'll trim it for free between cuts! x

    1. Thats the problem isn't it Vix. I'm still very undecided. x

  2. I think I like the fringe. By the by, you look GREAT in that black dress! Love those shoes too x

  3. you look fabulous with and without it so its win-win whatever you choose x

  4. I agree with Vix. It is high maintenance but my hairdresser cuts it for free in between cuts. You look amazing in that first photo and pretty damn good in the second.

  5. How about a side fringe? Best of both worlds! I too am a haircut dodger :) xo

  6. I think you look great with a fringe. They don't have to be high maintenance. I cut my own using a tutorial from A Thrifty Mrs. It's easier than you think! xx

  7. I think I'd go for the fringe, it frames your face in a very flattering way. And I absolutely LOVE that black dress and the shoes - GORGEOUS! X

  8. Hi my dear! Lovely to hear from you and I won't be much help as I think you suit both hairstyles-personally, I do prefer a fringe but I am growing mine out! Hope you're well and are having a good week xxx

  9. Mmmm . . . I'd say fringe - what did you choose?xx


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