Saturday, 29 December 2012

The Good, The Bad And The Ugly....

Now this week has gone very quickly.

But I have to admit that it has been a good one.

The Good
Christmas with the family

Exactly what Christmas is all about to me.
Giving thanks for whats around you and for all that you love.

A Christmas day phone call from my mom

It was lovely to at least hear from her even if I couldn't see her.

A Christmas day phone call from Mickey Mouse

We were greeted with a phone call from Mickey wishing us all a merry Christmas courtesy of hubby.

Receiving so very thoughtful gifts

We were very thankful for all we received as  a lot of thought had gone into choosing each gift.

As for:

The Bad


The Ugly

Missing mom

Is the only thing to fall into either category.

I do hope you have had a good week.

X x

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  1. aww glad you had a lovely family christmas...all the best for 2013. x


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