Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Tankering Tuesday...

Tuesday are my work from home day.
Image from funnyeyeforthecorporateguy.blogspot.com
And this morning I am glad because it is bitterly cold.

Poor Olive was iced over and frozen.

I do love working from home because I can be casual and comfy whilst working.

Nothing beats a trusty pair of jeans.

Hense the outfit.

Add a splash of colour to make you smile.

It has also seen many parcels arrive;

And the tree (finally) make its appearance from the loft.
(I wasn't looking forward to that task as we have had a wasp nest which has been quite active until this cold snap)

It means that I now feel a little Christmassy.

Even if I still have a few gifts to get!

Is your home all decked out with trimmings now?

And are you all ready for Santa?

X x


  1. I'd have loved to stay home today! It was minus 6.5c when I got to work!

  2. I love the relaxed chic. I worked from home for 7 years when I was a freelance journalist and I was so productive.
    Decorations down from our loft and we will decorate the tree tonight.

  3. Yep we've got all our decorations up! Exciting!

  4. Yesterday was the perfect work from home day, it was freezing! x

  5. I would love to work from home x


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