Thursday, 13 December 2012

Thundering Thursday....

Apparently you can hear me a mile off just like you can a thunder storm.
(according to my lot anyway!)

I seem to be whizzing around this week like a crazy person and today is no exception.

Whilst I have work during the day and will be doing a fair bit of traveling,  tonight see's another work do.

Yep, on a school night I know!
(rebel, thats me)

Strict instructions were given for this one.

A killer dress and killer heels.
Do I wear these?
(oh decisions, decisions!)

Or do I wear these????
To be honest I may wear some completely different!

It looks like an amazing night if the promotional pictures are anything to go by.

Very excited.

I shall share the pictures with you tomorrow. 
(however messy they are)

X x


  1. You must work for a very good firm. I love the red shoes. Can't wait to see the pics.

  2. Hope you had a brilliant night and that your head's not too sore! x

  3. wow both beautiful shoes.

    Hope you had a great night it looks pretty amazing x


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