Wednesday, 13 February 2013

And Lent Begins.....

So did you all enjoy your pancakes yesterday?

I had a yummy one filled with bananas and cinnamon yogurt, where as the family stuck to sugar and lemon.

With the beginning of lent also means the giving up of something in our house hold and has for many years.

It can be a simple thing such as giving up chocolate or crisps ( not quite so easy in my world!) or an evening a week of telly or internet.

So what will it be this year?

Well, I will be taking something up instead.
(I will be trying my hardest to resist the chocolate too)

I am going to:
  • Give a complement or do an act of kindness a day to/for someone, a thing I think I do most days.
  • And give at least hour a week to helping others.
Whilst they might not seem like huge things  to do, I hope that in such a time precious life they can make a difference.

Do you do anything for Lent?

X x


  1. Helping others for an hour a week is a lovely thing to do :)
    I had yummy pancakes yesterday filled with Nutella. I have now given up chocolate. Boooo. x

  2. Good on you,i think they are brilliant things to do.I try and do a kind think everyday even if its letting one car out in a que of traffic.


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