Monday, 18 February 2013

Don't Call Me Four Eyes.......

Incase you didn't know I wear contact lenses and every night when I get home out they come and on go my glasses.

Very worn and wonky glasses, that always make me feel like I am wearing these:

However, I have treated myself to two new pairs.

An absolute bargain at under £50 for the two pairs.

So what if they aren't named?!

I liked them so much I have worn them to work, which really confused me work colleagues I can tell you.

So what do you think?

X x


  1. i think they are great,especially like the bottom pair xx

  2. I have the bottom pair and yeh they are a real bargain.

  3. Ooo where did you nab those treasures! As a four eyes myself am liking style n price!

    1. Glasses direct hun. A real bargain and great quality too.

      X x


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