Sunday, 24 February 2013

Sunday Wonders....

Today has seen Andy and I battle to put a Caravan cover on.

Laugh? I nearly peed my pants! 
( I forget I am married to a shorty)
Well its better than yelling at each other at least.

We visited the caravan to put in a few storage bits we had brought and to put over the cover and hitch cover.

It's truly amazing how dirty and manky it looks after such a short space of time being stored.

Of course we also visited the allotment to do a little more work too. 

Our old plat is looking rather sad, as are we to move on really.
But the new plot is much dried and in a sunnier spot.

The green house frame has been moved in one and the glass is all safely waiting to be cleaned and refitted when the frame is in place.

The brick work was moved in one piece, don't ask how they did it, I was amazed and maddened by them.

We have masses of raspberry canes inherited from the previous occupant.

And we have dug over ready for the potatoes to go in.

We still have loads to do but its getting there.

The pieces of wood are the frame for our fruit cage which needs re-errecting over the fruit bushes and strawberries.

After a  hot shower and a cuppa or two the family descended on us for lunch.

It's always lovely having them all here.

How do they keep themselves amused?
Well in the case of my two by making Mr Potato heads.

Cause in the words of my 25 and 17 year olds...
"Your never too old to play with Mr Potato!"

Bless em.

X x


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Love and lipstick.
X x