Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Because I Can't Remember If I Told You......

In fact I am 100% sure I didn't!

Kassie, my eldest daughter has gotten into LCF!
(Thats London College of Fashion to you and I)

And I am so proud.

After what she felt was a shocking interview she's finally had the good news officially in letter form.

So between painting and decorating there new home, she now has to figure out how feasible the journey is and more importantly how expensive it is.

The apartment is looking much more like a home now and they are really pleased with it.

With super hero pictures and lego storage boxes!

A quirky shower head.

And a big bang theory style periodic table of elements shower curtain
 And as she visited us to tell us the good news Ashleigh got to model a few of her piece that will on the catwalk in the next week or so at graduation.

Very exciting!

I've already put my orders in.

 X x


  1. Congratulation! Beautiful pictures!

    I am now also following you on bloglovin

  2. Congratulations - you must be very proud.


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