Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Hump Day.....

They don't call Wednesday a hump day for nothing.

It really is a hump in the middle of the week.
But thankfully once you've passed it, the weekend is in sight.
And I for one am glad to see it in then distance!

But at least it welcomes in the month of May.
(Of which today also happens to be my mother in laws birthday)

A busy month with a birthday or two, including Andy's, our wedding anniversary and a trip to France.

The first weekend of May will see us off in the caravan for  a few days, in preparation for France in a few weeks time.
Dress - Adsa (sale buy)
Cardy - H&M
Pumps - Next (years old)

Lilly white legs - all my own!

And this time we shall be going!

Tonight I shall sort all the bedding, towels etc and with a bit of luck get all the ironing done too.
that is if my new iron arrives in time.
(The old one blew up on Andy last Saturday!)

Then all that will be left will be a little bit of food shopping for us to take and Ashleigh and Kassie to have whilst we are away.

And if the weather stays like this is should be glorious.

X x


  1. Good luck and have fun on your trip! Hope the weather stays grand x

  2. Fingers crossed for you that the weather holds x

  3. Have a fantastic trip, it'll be fun whatever the weather! x

  4. Sounds like a busy a nd exciting month.


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