Tuesday, 28 May 2013

From SunShine To Down Pours......

The delights of the good old British weather eh!

Always a sign the kids are off school.

Yesterday was stunning though and we got loads achieved, well I say we but mostly mean Andy!

After a morning up at the allotment and a scrummy sandwich I attempted to tidy the garden whilst Andy went back up the allotment.

Straws berries are doing really well, lets hope we get lots this year.

Tomato plants all planted in the greenhouse. 

Along with some lettuce.

Just one of the four massive Rhubarb plants we have.

I felt a little unsteady and though staying closer to home was the better option and at least now half of my garden looks decent.

As for today, well I am working from home due to a Drs appointment midday.
Still no news about my hospital appointment which reading on line could take anything up to 18 wks!
But he has at least now requested a scan for me and since he knows I am putting in a formal complaint he is trying to be as nice as pie. Too little to late I'm afraid!.

So I am slobbing round with tied back hair and not a dot of make up.
Very un like me but you know when you just can't be bothered? Well thats how I feel today.

lets hope I will feel a little better tomorrow cause if I go to work like this I think I would scare them to death!

X x


  1. Feel better soon, Trayci! xxx

  2. Im hoping for great things to come from my garden this year.
    Hope you get things sorted soon

    1. Thanks hun. I hope we do too. feels like we have had to start all over again after moving plot. But at least now we are in a beautifully sunny spot x x

  3. jealous of your rhubarb! Hope they get their backsides in gear and get you on the mend soon x

    1. Me too! I have shed loads of the stuff, think my lot are sick of it already bless em. x


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