Saturday, 16 November 2013

Flashing Blue Lights And Everything....

Last night, well very early hours of this morning I was rushed in to hospital in an ambulance no less!

Second time I have ever been in one (the first being a hospital transfer with my eldest daughter over 26 years ago) 
And hopefully it will be the last.

But I fib a little about the blue light, sorry.
Well kind of, whilst the lights were on, no siren was going.

Why was I admitted?

Violent stomach pain.
As in so bad I'm ashamed to admit I shed a tear.

Thankfully it wasn't the burst appendix they suspected.
Possibly a burst ovarian cyst.

Back to the hospital I go on Monday for a minor operation.

So I have been sleeping on the sofa for most of the day being pampered by my girls and my mom.

How is it moms make everything seem better?

And my very kind neighbours have provided us with our tea, a super curry.
I was touched by their thoughtfulness.

X x


  1. Get well soon, my friend - I hope that friends and family rally round and that you are soon fully back to health. Blessings xx

  2. Trayci!!! Oh gosh, I hope you're ok and hope you DO take it easy this weekend. Take care x

  3. Have been where you are, and my advice is to do nothing: even if you feel that you can. Rest, rest, rest - that's an order! And when you are feeling brighter, let us know that you are ok. x x x

  4. Oh my gosh I hope you are ok xx

  5. Oh poor you, I hope they get it sorted and you are back on the mend real soon xx

  6. So sorry to hear you are poorly. I hope you are feeling a little better. Big hugs xx

  7. Get well soon. You poor thing. How scary. x

  8. oh goodness!! Hope they get you sorted, what lovely neighbours to have, there's not enough of that these days x

  9. Hope you're getting good care in the hospital, and glad your neighbours are providing it at home.


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