Friday, 22 November 2013

It's Beginning To Smell a lot Like Christmas....

As I am house bound I have wanted to try and do something with my time.
(In between visitors bless em)

And as you know I hate waste, so when I saw that I had apple sauce left from the weekend roast and cinnamon in the cupboard I knew I could make some homemade tags to go on my Christmas gifts.

The whole house smelt divine with a fabulous smell of Christmas, yummy.

Whilst they are only tiny they will be the perfect addition to my Christmas gifts and an extra little something for the person to keep.

Of course the oven couldn't go on just for those, not very frugal at all if it did.

So a sponge cake was whipped up to, with the lovely eggs from our chucks.

Nothing better than a coffee and cake.

X x


  1. I wish my legs would allow me to stand long enough to bake! x

  2. oh the christmas tags look and sound delicious! x


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