Saturday, 9 November 2013

Just Chillaxin....

Today has been as day of hovering, dusting, ironing and bad films.

And I have quite enjoyed myself.

No hubby as he's been at work and Ash and her boyfriend didn't surface till very late afternoon.

So all in all a very peaceful day.

As for tonight?

Well whilst hubby relaxing with X factor and a glass of wine, us girlies are out for a ladies night.

See you tomorrow
(hopefully minus a bad head!)

X x


  1. Love Sundays, I haven't even got dressed yet although I've had a bath, but need to soon as have to start a shift at 6pm!!

  2. Have a fun evening! I haven't been allowed to watch X Factor this year. I could go upstairs but I'd fall asleep! x

  3. Hope you had a great night! x

  4. I love days like this where you just potter and get. Stuff. Done. :)


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