Monday, 11 November 2013

Slipping Through Our Fingers.....

Happy Monday folks.
(Can you tell I am trying to convince myself that it really is one?!)

Yes another week is here and what a busy and expensive one it has started as.

Here in our house (which should be known as faulty towers at the moment) every thing is starting to die a death. (Thankfully that doesn't include any of the occupants, phew)

At the moment money feels to be slipping through our fingers at an alarming rate!

As you know our sofa broke and DFS came out to visit us.
The first thing they told us was that it needed to go back to the warehouse to be fixed and would be missing for there days.
The second thing they told us when I called (after not hearing a peep from them for two weeks) was they "do no such thing" and that they will need to come out (in a pair I might add) to see it again.

So Friday they arrived to inspect the sofa once more.
And the out come was......

A fixed sofa, almost as good as new!

So what else has broken?
Would you believe the front door?
I mean it's not exactly something you can do without really is it?

So first thing this morning we have had a man come to quote for a new front door, back door and garage window.
(much cheaper to get them done together and they are all in desperate need of replacing)

Then lastly is the good old boiler.
In one word its buggered! (sorry)

So it looks like a new one  is to be installed in the next week or so.

So money is well and truly slipping through our fingers like water.
Thankfully we had a good slush fund to pay for it all.

I am now praying that nothing else breaks.

X x


  1. Hi there! November is a really chaotic month for finances with us too, at least it's good when you have savings to tackle it though, makes life a lot easier to cope with xx

  2. oh no! You're having a streak of bad luck. Hopefully that's the end of it x

  3. I think my landlord knows how you feel. Since we moved in, he had to get a new fridge and get the oven fixed. We felt so bad about it that we daren't tell him the washing machine is filling up with water in between washes and the shower has gone wrong! We've only been there just over 2 months!!! Things always seem to go wrong together.
    Hope this is the last of the misfortune for you! X

  4. I know how you feel! We have just had a huge car repair bill and we had to have a new boiler too! I didn't realise how much they cost!! Things always seem to break down at this time of the year, coming up to Xmas! Hope you get sorted soon. :-)


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