Saturday, 22 February 2014

How To Fill Time Whilst Resting....

Thank you for all your lovely comments and I promise I am resting and doing as I am told.
Plus I have family and friends booking days in to ensure thats the case, bless em.

That said I know that once the pain begins to fade I will very quickly become fidgety and need something to occupy me.

Thats where I am hoping you lovely people can give me a little advice.
(Bearing in mind I am unable to bend, lift or stand for long periods.)

I am hoping I can have a go at sewing a skirt and dress, so any very easy pattern recommendations would be great.
(My last sewing venture was making Ashleigh's quilt and Christmas cushion covers)

I have a pile of bees wax from my in-laws, which I would like to make some lip balm from.

And I would like to have a go at some baking too.

So any recommendations?
Be it gentle activities, books what ever.

X x


  1. I would be immersing myself in books and reacquainting myself with my sewing machine x

  2. I have been using this pattern recently blogged here about it- - easy because dress/tunic/blouse is slipover style, no fastenings!

  3. Can't help with either of your project plans sadly, I am so not crafty! Hope you are feeling better x

  4. Take it easy and put your feet up. x


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