Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Staple Removal....

As I had a trip to the Docs today, comfort was the main thing for todays attire.

I can't do anything with my hair as it is in need of a good trim, but I need my belly to heal a little more before I can book to get it cut.

The reason for my Doctors visit was to I have had my Staples removed and I must admit I am pleasantly surprised with the scar so far.
All the nurses said how neat it was but when you have what appears like a huge cut to you, what they say doesn't really register to be honest.

I couldn't believe that the removers they gave me from the hospital broke after only removing 4 staples!  We had to go back to the hospital to get some more and then return to the Doctors for the remaining one to to be removed.

I shall still be grabbing the bio oil to reduce it as much as I can.

And at least choosing what to dress in should be a little easier too now I hope.

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  1. I had 24 staples when I had my hip replacement - I think I was more squeamish about the district nurse coming round to remove them than I was of the actual operation!
    They do leave a really neat scar though - don't be tempted to go near the Bio oil until it's completely scab free though! xxx

  2. Thats a beauty! Should heal well though. Nice and straight!

  3. Crikey, that looks painful!

  4. Wow - that's an impressive wound. And how stylish you look too...impressive also! Just to say, get yourself some organic rosehip oil for that...Bio oil is petroleum based and in the long term is not good for your skin or your body. Rosehip is amazing for scarring - I use it at night on my skin. x

    1. I hadn't heard of rose hip oil. I shall take a look now, thank you. Thankfully it is looking much better now and healing well.

      X x


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