Friday, 21 February 2014

The Road To Recovery.....

Firstly thank you all for your lovely comments and concerns for my absence.
I can assure you it was one that was forced upon me.

As you know from my last post I was a little unwell and my (wonderful) new doctor insisted I see a consultant asap.  The appointment arrived 4 days after his request.

On arriving for my appointment and speaking to my consultant, I was promptly admitted to hospital and surgery followed 3 days later.

It appears I had a septic mass that needed removing straight away.
So I am now missing my appendix, an ovarian cyst and my right ovary which had all fused together and were in no fit state.

After a 11 day stay in hospital I was allowed home earlier this week and have been drugged up and looked after by the family.

I will be out of action for approximately 12 weeks, no lifting, no driving, no anything, which after being the one who runs round doing everything is really strange.
And whilst I know I'm not up to doing anything at the moment, it's going to be so hard once I start to feel a little better.

My family have been golden, rallying together and rushing round to make sure I always had visitors (The only thing that keeps you sane during your stay in hospital) and someone with me at home too.
I can't thank them enough.

As for the hospital and medical care I received it was first rate.
You hear so many horror stories about hospitals but all the nurses, doctors, consultants and surgeons were amazing.

Normal blogging will at some point will resume but in the meantime I look forward to catching up with all the blog posts I missed.

X x


  1. Ouch, you poor thing! Wishing you a speedy recovery! xxx

  2. omigoodness! it just goes to show what can be going on inside you while you have no idea!I agree we are so lucky to have the NHS in this country even though people do like to winge about it I have known so many people have their lives saved! Hoping you feel better soon x

  3. Oh honey I can't believe it, poor you. I hope the family continue to do everything whilst you rest as you should. Get well soon and take good care x

  4. Wow. Sounds like a big deal. Hope they have you sorted at last. Look after yourself

  5. Oh no hun, poor you. I too had to have the same a few years back as I had a 22cm mass attached to one of my ovaries, I can still remember how rough I felt for weeks afterwards but by week 9 I was at the docs getting the all clear to drive as I was pulling my hair out! Try to take it easy as it will take you longer to recover. I knew something was up, I even thought about contacting you on Facebook but I thought you might think I was stalking you :). Get better soon x x x

  6. oh gosh Trayci! I hope you ARE taking it steady, you need to take time to get back up to strength. Take care of yourself x

  7. Oh no. I wish you a speedy recovery. Take care!


  8. Hi my dear-wishing you a speedy recovery and sending lots of hugs, take care xxx

  9. Oh my gosh Trayci hope your ok x

  10. I'm so sorry I'm only catching up on this now...what a time you've had! Just as well that was picked up - good on your medical people...that could have been very nasty I'm sure. Off now to catch up on post-op progress. Sending my love and best wishes for a full recovery, Avril x

    1. Thanks Avril. I am on the mend now, just frustrated as I want to be able to do things.

      X x


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