Saturday, 2 August 2014

The Wonderer Returns....

Hi all,

Yes I am back in the sunny not to sunny UK.
(Well todays not sunny but it has been I know)

After  touring around France and Switzerland its back to normal life once more.
And we've hit the ground with a bump.
We actually arrived back on Monday and the week has been manic.
It's consisted of:
  • A hospital stay for the father in law and a operation, thankfully he is back home now.
  • A house move for my nephew and his partner and of course we were movers and cleaners.
  • Two work meetings and a meet and greet with the new team I am now part of.
  • And the worst of all has been a sudden death of a friends husband at only 41. They are expecting their first child together and doctors have no idea what the cause is. Heartbreaking it really is.

Yes its been a  crazy week, hence only just getting back to the blog.
Fingers crossed next week is a calmer one.

I'm looking forward to catching up with all your blogs to find out whats been happening in your neck of the woods whilst I've been away.

X x


  1. Wow, what a week to come back to :( x

  2. Sounds like you need another holiday love! So sorry about the sad news how truly awful x

  3. Such a pity to come back to such sad news, but I hope your holiday was a success x

  4. Oh my goodness - what sad news and what a busy week you've had. So sorry to hear about your friend's husband - tragic. Puts everything into perspective xx

  5. What an awful return! How sad.

  6. What wonderful photos, sad to hear the news on your return. Sending love to your poor friend. xxx

  7. Great photos, so sad for your friend what a shock that must be for everyone x

  8. Oh wow, beautiful pictures. Oh sorry to hear about your friend, so sad :(


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