Sunday, 10 August 2014

Busy Bee.....

Have I told you my in-laws have bees?
Yes of course I have.

Dress - George dress (years old)
Belt - primark bargain (again old)
Shoes - New life

And its not that they have a few bees, they have a lot!
About 8 hives in total.

I might not want to do the "bee keeping" but I do love the honey.
And trust me if you've never tasted honey straight from the hive you need too.
It is so much better than the processed stuff you buy in the supermarket.

We have turned some of it into favours for weddings, birthdays, baby showers or just little gifts.
Along side homemade Jam or love hearts.
And they come in an variety of fabric covers to match any theme.
(Please take a look here if you get chance)

So not only did I spend yesterday cleaning, ironing and doing all things homely.
But I also made up 300 wedding favours ready for collection on Monday by courier.

Why the laughter?
Well hubbys voice was bellowing: "ahhh CFM's I see!"
Which if your of my era you may well understand, if not well lets just say its relating to the colour of my shoes and  rather naughty. He is a cheeky man.

I really was a real busy bee.

X x


  1. I'd really like a beehive at the allotment but I'm not sure if it would be a good place to keep them or not.

  2. Our friends are beekeepers so we get loads of lovely honey. Not keen on the swarming or all the faff though!
    Lovely dress, gorgeous smile! x

  3. I've just recently discovered honey, I do like it. I had it on toast with bananas the other day, and when I feel hay fevery I eat a spoon or two of it!

  4. I love honey - There is a little deli in my local market that sells it still in the honeycomb, jusst amazing and so full of flavour!

    Gems x
    Fashion, Well Done

  5. Brilliant and original idea turning the pots into favours. I was talking about bee keeping a few days ago with someone and now I read your post. I can honestly say I don't envy them at all!


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