Friday, 2 November 2012

A Birthday Party....

One of Ashleigh's best friends celebrated her birthday with a fancy dress party.

And although she's still not 100% nothing was going to stop Ash attending.

So I had the task of creating a tutu for her pixie outfit.

An hour later and heres the result.

Basque - Mine (a gift from hubby)
Tutu - Cost a grand total of £6 to make.

I'm really pleased with it.

Long enough to cover her decency and no need to sugar water either as it flowed beautifully.

After copious amounts of pink body glitter were added she was ready to enjoy her evening.

I must admit they all looked fabulous.

X x


  1. She does indeed! Good work on the tutu!

  2. What a foxy outfit!


  3. You did a brilliant job, she looks gorgeous. x

  4. Ah she looks fab and well done you with your sewing skills!

  5. She looks gorgeous, well done on a great job x

  6. I absolutely love it - she looks great. You are SO clever! x


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