Wednesday, 5 December 2012

A Busy Day Or Two......

Gosh I didn't get chance to breath yesterday!

Scarf - Thrifted

So much for working comfortably at home.

Mac- Marks & Spencers outlet

My car MOT was canceled and then it was back on, so completely mucked up the planning of my day, but hey ho.

Today is yet more meetings, miles of walking and driving.

Hence the flat shoes yet again!

Tonight see's Andy and I at our first Christmas do this evening too.

Jacket - Thrifted
Dress - Oasis
Belt - Asda

As of yet I have no idea what I will be wearing.

It's a meal in a pub, so no need for real party wear at all.

Tights - Aldi
Shoes - Debenhams
I am just hoping I get home in time to get ready!

X x


  1. Loving those Aldi tights adn hoping you have a fab night out with plenty of time to glam up! x

  2. Lovely dress and fab tights. Have fun at the do.

  3. Love the tights and shoes x


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