Thursday, 27 December 2012

Christmas Fun And Frolics.....

Good grief has Christmas really passed us by?
The only log fire we can have!

Home made croissants, home made bread for bacon sandwiches 

And of course bucks fizz is a must!

I must admit we had a fantastic time, lots of food (& not a bit has been wasted might I add!) plenty of drink (but not too much) and gifts galore.
Santa found us ok.

I do hope you all had an amazing one too and catching up with your blogs it certainly seems that way.

We received practical gifts this year, which were very gratefully received an we even gave a few too.

Kassie & her boyfriend shall be having both a fridge freezer and a washer drier on completion of their move. Kassie also had a binder for her uni work and a drawing tablet to connect to her laptop again a item she needs for her uni work. 

Ashleigh had a new Mac book. Her old pc has given up the ghost and she needs one to complete her A level work and revision, so again this seemed the perfect gift.

Andy received books, which he loves and a new pair of rigger boots to replace the pair that were stolen from the allotment as well as money.

And I received a new memory card for my camera, a huge map to plan our travels on, clothes, pjs and lots of money. 

Santa did well I think.

X x


  1. Looks like you had a lovely day! xxx

  2. Santa did do well- the biggest gift is the obvious warmth and love you and your family share with one another! I love the pictures of the glitter shoes, and the flaming dessert! Happy New Year, Denise. xo! -Bella Q

  3. wow, looks like a great time! love your flaming pudding x

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